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Window Cleaning Made Easy... The Secret to Clean Floors...

Spray Window Cleaner onto glass. Apply liberally. For high Reach areas, apply solution directly onto scrubber.

For hard to reach jobs, use an extension pole. Place scrubber on pole and wash window as shown above. Replace scrubber with squeegee and pull squeegee down vertically as shown. Wipe blade after each pull.

Cleaning Tips
  • Machine wash scrubber before first use.
  • Don't wash windows in direct sunlight.
  • Use a dry, lint-free cloth to wipe squeegee blade between strokes and to wipe edges of window after squeegeeing.
  • Overlap squeegee strokes about 1-1/2".
  • To wash window screens, saturate scrubber with window cleaning solution. Wash both sides of screen. Let air dry.

To do a good job this takes time. Time is something most of us donít have much of these days. Call us at White Glove Cleaning Service and we will be happy to give you an estimate. Let us do the work and you can use your valuable time enjoying life.

Hardwood floors are everywhere. Whatís the best way to clean them? Take a look:
  • Dust mop hardwood floors regularly. Living on the central coast our dirt and sand acts like sandpaper under your shoes and will scratch the floorís finish.
  • Treated dust mops are your best choice. You can purchase some which are pre-treated (and disposable) or use a cloth dust mop sprayed with an aerosol dust mop treatment. These treatments soak into the dust mop and allow it to attract and hold dust better. Just remember to treat the dust mop after each use; donít spray the treatment directly on the floor.
  • For cleaning, youíll want to damp mop the floor. Thatís a damp mop not wet! Too much water can damage the finish or cause warping over time.
  • After damp mopping, use a cleaner specially formulated for hardwood floors. These cleaners are designed to be sprayed on the floor then wiped with a terry cloth-type mop.

Don't forget to remove tape, labels, and gum with a razor scraper or putty knife. Angle the blade so you do not damage the finish.
To clean other floor surfaces; vinyl, linoleum, ceramic tile, and sealed stone - choose a neutral cleaner. Check the pH on the bottle; it should be 7 or less. Avoid using degreasers on floors; they are too acidic.

Before you mop, sweep and dust mop the floor! If you donít, youíll create mud when you add the wet cleaner.

The best way to mop a floor is with a terry cloth or nylon string mop. Sponge mops harbor germs and have a tendency to push dirt to the edges.

Mix your cleaner with water in a bucket. Change the water as it gets murky. Continuing to mop with dirty water means youíre just putting dirt back on the floor!

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